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Breathing and breathing is a safe and effective guarantee for fitness Qigong

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "heaven and earth are in harmony with qi, and life is in man"; "People live by the Qi of heaven and earth, and the Fa of the four times is completed" (" Su Q · Bao Life Full Form "); "Qi, the fundamental also of people" (" Difficult Scriptures · eight difficult "); "The way of biochemistry is based on Qi, and all things in heaven and earth can not be excluded from it" (" The Class of Classics · Life Taking Class "); "The lady is in the air, the air is in the person, from heaven and earth all things, the rogue gas to the living also" (Jin Ge Hong "Bao Pu Zi").

It can be seen that "qi" is the life of human beings and all things in heaven and earth, and is the existence of life. Gas and people are safe, gas chaos people disease, gas scattered people die. When you stop breathing, your life is over.

Chinese medicine also believes that people's inner qi, also known as true qi, is composed of vitality, Zong Qi, Ying Qi, and Wei Qi.

Vitality is innate qi, namely kidney qi; Ying Qi is produced by digesting the essence of water and grain, and is the nutrient qi that flows through the blood vessels and the five viscera.

Wei Qi is the defensive qi produced by the resistance of water and valley, dispersed outside the pulse, walking on the skin, and resisting pathogenic diseases.

Zong Qi is the breath of natural Qingqi inhaled through the heart and lungs, which promotes the flow of Ying and Wei Di Qi.

In other words, the Zongqi formed by the breath is the fundamental driving force that sustains the true Qi of life. This is where breathing and breathing can guide qi and blood, fitness and health care.

Breathe and breathe to be safe

Once you learn fitness Qigong, some people will ask, "Is it safe to practice fitness Qigong?" Do you feel breath?" Therefore, such a problem is raised because some people who practiced qigong in the past have gone wrong, not only did they not benefit, but they suffered harm, in order to "talk about qi (gong) color change."

The socalled sense of qi refers to the practitioner's perception of the movement or accumulation of qi and blood in his body. This perception can only be perceived when the Qigong practice reaches a certain level, the body is full of qi and blood, the meridians are smooth, and the spirit is highly concentrated. Ignoring serious and hard practice, taking shortcuts opportunism, and simply pursuing qi feeling are not only useless, but also very harmful. In the past, some people practiced qigong, mainly because they put the idea first, rejected the dominant position of breathing and spitting, and unilaterally pursued the sense of qi.

The State General Administration of Sport Fitness Qigong Management Center has compiled and launched 9 sets of fitness Qigong exercises, absorbing the essence of Chinese traditional Qigong exercises, based on traditional Chinese and Western medicine, sports and related modern scientific theories, established the core position of breathing and breathing in the three tones, not only scientific and effective, simple and easy to learn, diverse types, and effectively prevent the practice from being wrong. It ensures the safety of practicing.

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