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Lose weight do not eat dinner, what impact will bring to the body? Give everyone a popular science!

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

On the weight loss dinner, the Internet is also a variety of opinions, some say that weight loss can not eat dinner, hungry can lose weight faster, and some say that we must eat dinner, otherwise harm the body.

Today, small fat told you to lose weight small partners, weight loss dinner is a must eat, occasionally once or twice do not eat dinner is not harmful to the body, long-term do not eat dinner, not only to lose weight can not play any auxiliary role, but also ruin their own body.

Let's see, lose weight without dinner, what changes will the body have? Today, small fat gives you popular science!

1、Harm the stomach

Do not eat dinner organs for a long time not enough nutrition, easy to cause hypoglycemia, will also make your resistance poor, and occasionally do not eat once, twice dinner this will not cause any harm, if the long-term can not afford dinner, stomach acid will bite the stomach mucosa, so people with a bad stomach better not to eat dinner to achieve weight loss purposes.

2、Cause obesity

Do not eat dinner can help you lose weight, but the weight rebound is also fast, you know, our body is 65% water, do not eat dinner you are really less fat? All you're losing is your body water.

Some people may be able to insist on not eating dinner, do not eat late night snack, and some people do not eat dinner, but at night they are hungry, so eat late night snack, the consequence of doing this is to increase the burden on the stomach, and can not escape the fact that they become fat.

3、Affect sleep quality

Although it is said that dinner should eat less, but it is not to let you quit dinner, dinner does not eat dinner to sleep must be hungry panic, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also affects the efficiency of work/study the next day.

Breakfast should be good, lunch should be full, dinner should be small. What is reasonable to eat?

One fist of staple food, two fists of vegetables, half a fist of egg whites.

This can only be used as a general reference, the specific intake of a small amount, but also according to the diet of the day to adjust, if the day consumed too many calories, that night can consider eating less or not to eat.

So lose weight or pay attention to some small skills, let you lose faster, do not blindly follow the trend, do not destroy the stomach and destroy the body.

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