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Can you Lose weight by running? These positions greatly affect the figure

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Weight loss what not too abusive heart, many usually lazy cancer also joined the ranks of running slim, early in the morning and evening, in the park and roadside will see a lot of runners, but running in the end can lose weight? Some people say that the more they run, the thicker the calves, and some people say that the meat is less. So how to run to lose weight?

There are many benefits of running.

Running as a simple and easy aerobic exercise, is a popular way of exercise, but also common. Whether it is on the sports field, on the road, or beside the river, between the fields, in the woods, you can run, if you want to run. You control the speed, distance and route of your run. Why not?

There are many benefits of running, running can exercise heart and lung function, build muscle strength. There are also many types of running, such as sprints, middle-distance running, and long-distance running. Different running distances and running speeds have different effects on the human body. Continuous and effective jogging can play a role in fat loss. In the early morning or evening, long-distance running on the road or in the field environment is also an air bath, which can make people's brains get a better rest.

Running form is important

Many people who often run have appeared "radish legs", "small belly", and more serious problems such as cervical spondylosis. Why are there so many problems with running?

It's all about running form, and proper running form is very important. The wrong running posture, not only can not achieve the expected shape, fitness and other effects, but also can bring unexpected damage to the body, running a body out of shape. Many runners have found that long-term running out of fitness persistence, is gratifying, but do not patronize running, master the correct posture is very important.

The correct running form should be:

The upper body is slightly forward, the head is directly above the torso, the shoulders are slightly raised, the elbows are bent to 90 degrees, and the hands are half clenched. During running, the two arms are relaxed and naturally swing back and forth, the thighs are actively raised forward, and the calves are naturally relaxed. Relying on the front swing movement of the thighs, the hips are swung forward and upward, and the heel first lands on the ground and then quickly transitions to the sole of the foot. The rear pedal is fully powerful and the stride length is large and elastic. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, breathing even, long, full and rhythmic.

Common wrong postures:

1、Land on the balls of your feet. When running on the sole of the foot, it will be easy to "squat foot", easy to cause tibial periostitis, long-term impact is also easy to run into O-shaped legs.

2、Toe to the ground. When running, the ball of the front foot will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, and a long time will cause the calf to thicken and form "radish legs".

3、Inside and outside splayed feet. It is easy to cause damage to knee joints and other parts, and also easy to cause X and O legs.

4、Too much forward leaning back. Running forward will cause back tension, leaning back will cause excessive tension in the chest and abdomen muscles, and over time will cause shoulder and neck abnormalities.

other matters needing attention:

Although you want to run, many places can run, but according to their own circumstances, to choose the right place for their own. Generally speaking, too hard roadside is not suitable for running;

Long-term running, to prepare yourself a pair of light, comfortable, flexible running shoes is very important, suitable running shoes not only can make you run more light as swallow, it is important to protect your ankles and feet;

Stride when running should be appropriate; Avoid excessive waist and hip shaking during running; Avoid excessive exercise; Warm up before exercise, and stretch and tidy up after exercise.

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