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What weight loss mistakes should you know in summer?

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Summer is a time to lose weight, not only because you can show off your beautiful body, but also because people think it is easy to lose weight in summer. Usually, the summer weather is hot, sweat more, and sometimes people's appetite will be affected by high temperature, appetite loss, so many people think that in this case, even if you do not deliberately lose weight, you will unconsciously become thin. So, is it really easier to lose weight in the summer, as everyone thinks? Next, with the Economic Daily - China Economic Net fashion Channel to understand the summer should know those weight loss mistakes!

Misunderstanding one, hot summer sweat more, thin fast

Summer temperatures are high, and people are particularly prone to sweating, but that doesn't mean it's easier to lose weight. In fact, sweating is the main heat dissipation mechanism of the human body, and when the body temperature rises, the human body will maintain a normal temperature by increasing sweat. So, when the heat hits, sometimes even sitting still will sweat, but this is just a normal physiological phenomenon. Moreover, 98% of human sweat is water, even if it is heated to get a lot of sweat, but the body fat is not involved in burning.

Therefore, the amount of sweat during exercise can not determine the speed of weight loss, whether you can slim down depends on the size of the intensity of exercise and the level of energy consumption, and how much sweat is not related.

Myth 2: Eating less can slim down

Many people in the summer, appetite will become smaller, eat less and less, the total calories of food is not high, thought that eating like this will make themselves thin down quickly, but when weighing it found no change. There is usually only one reason for this, which is to ignore the balanced intake of nutrients in food.

Because when there is no appetite in the summer, we will only choose the food we like, although we eat less, but it has caused the diet to be too simple, in the long run, the insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the body will lead to a decline in basic metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Therefore, it is not that eating less will help to lose weight, only a balanced and reasonable diet, coupled with appropriate exercise, is a good way to lose weight quickly.

Myth 3: Drinking ice water can lose weight

In summer, when the weather is hot, more and more people eat cold drinks and drink ice water. Some people think that when drinking a glass of ice water when it is very hot, the body temperature will drop, in order to warm up, the body needs to burn more fat, which helps to lose weight. But in fact, there is no scientific basis for this idea.

Long-term drinking of ice water will not only stimulate the stomach, cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and long-term retention of ice water in the body will affect blood circulation, reduce metabolism, not only will not slim down, but more likely to make people gain weight, and will also affect health. Therefore, although the summer is hot, you should drink less ice water.

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