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Too much exercise is a disease. Is your body sounding the alarm?

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Top of the list of injuries from excessive fitness

When exercising, there are times when you can't hold up, many people often do not choose to stop, but hold the idea that "human potential is forced out", grit your teeth and continue to exercise, and then insist on the process may cause harm to your body.

The pituitary gland usually controls the secretion of hormones in the body, and when exercise is excessive, the function of the pituitary gland will be inhibited, resulting in hormone secretion being affected, physical fatigue, poor physical recovery, and even cramps.

Appropriate exercise will not cause joint wear, if excessive exercise, knee joint, elbow joint, ankle and other collision times increase, inevitably cause joint wear, and once the joint wear phenomenon is difficult to recover.

In general, if there is dizziness, breathing difficulties, disorientation, trance, rapid heart beating and dehydration during exercise, or sleep that night appears excited, unable to sleep, and suddenly woken up by cramps and pain.

This means that the body is protesting to you: you should adjust the intensity of the workout!

NO.2 How to self-monitor intensity through heart rate

Basal heart rate is often referred to as the morning pulse. During exercise, the morning pulse is basically stable. If after a night's rest after exercise, the basic heart rate increases by 5-10 times /min than usual, it is considered that there is fatigue accumulation, and the load of exercise should be adjusted.

The fitness center rate is 10s immediately after regular exercise multiplied by 6 as the heart rate per minute in the workout. With the improvement of fitness time and fitness level, the fitness center rate should be lower and lower when the same weight and number of groups are completed.

If the center rate increases after completing the same fitness intensity, the training intensity should be adjusted.

After exercise, after a period of rest, the heart rate can be restored to the state before exercise. If the body is tired or overloaded, the heart rate recovery time after exercise will be extended (the better the general body function, the faster the recovery).

Master the scientific and correct fitness methods, and according to the condition of the body in different periods, appropriate adjustment of fitness intensity and content, so as to truly enjoy fitness.

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