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6 bad fitness habits, the effect is comparable to self-harm, see if you have?

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Exercise can make our body become ideal, sports ability become better, is a good physical and mental thing, but if you do not maintain good ideas and habits, it is easy to harm their own body.

The following 6 bad habits are common in our daily training, and will only destroy the more you practice! How many did you win?

01 Train with pain

This is a common problem for many people who love sports and training, because of the wrong concept and promote the value of 'No Pain, No Gain', but for the body, pain is an important signal, he is telling us that there is something wrong with the body, if you ignore the pain and continue to train, it will only turn the signal into real harm.

So if you do any movement and feel pain, please stop this movement first, find a professional coach to see the root of the problem, find a solution, do not go to fitness with no matter or tough mentality!

02 Ignore the importance of rest

Many people almost every day are arranged to do a variety of sports, gym group classes, running, etc., are usually afraid of not training, will affect the effect of achieving their goals, in fact, on the contrary, this way does not let the body have a chance to rest, but will make themselves more and more distant from the goal, which is also most people did not expect the source of sports injury - overuse.

Remember, the body does not actually improve in training, but in the rest after training, to adjust physiological stress and repair damage to get progress, so the appropriate arrangement interspersed with rest days, can make your progress more obvious, is a very important thing.

03 Only do exercises that you enjoy

Or the training content is too monotonous, lack of variation.

When the body has been facing the same stimulation, his adaptation will be less and less obvious, no matter how hard you do, you can no longer see obvious progress, but also lead to the balance of the body is destroyed, such as too much chest training, lack of back practice, resulting in round shoulder posture problems. Therefore, in the entire fitness program, different training elements should be arranged every once in a while, so that the body can be challenged again and improve.

04 The body lacks control

No matter what type of training, as long as you are training, you should try to control your body as much as possible, which is very important to stay away from sports injuries. Often see many people in the movement, the body has almost no support stability, the rhythm is also fast and slow, every action is worrying.

Often the cause of this problem is "fatigue", "unfamiliarity" or more directly "loss of concentration", it is important to remember that once we lose control of our movements, even training as safe as riding a bicycle can be hurt.

05 Use incorrect movement training

In resistance training, not being familiar with the wrong movement technique will put the joint in poor mechanics, which will greatly increase the risk of training injury, of course, including the training movement itself is full of risk.In resistance training, not being familiar with the wrong movement technique will put the joint in poor mechanics, which will greatly increase the risk of training injury, of course, including the training movement itself is full of risk.

Secondly, the condition of each person's body is not the same, there are many differences in limb length, weight, joint motion and so on, if you ignore the principle of action and imitate others, it may also bring problems, which is like gambling with the body, it should not be a good thing.

06 Overestimate your progress

I have to be honest that this thing mostly happens to men, because the eyes of others and their expectations and confidence in themselves tend to increase the intensity of training in a large proportion in a very short period of time, which will make them feel that they "really become strong".

In fact, it does not, because the body has to adapt and repair the process to make him have actual progress, but when we add too much pressure and injury at a time, the body's adaptive response can not bear, bringing harm is only a matter of time, so remember to let their training intensity increase gradually.

It is generally recommended that the intensity increase of each stage be controlled at about 8% ± 2%, and the higher the degree, the smaller this % will be.

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