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Fitness ignore these, can last 2 months, you win!

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

More and more people are starting to exercise, but there are really few people who can stick to it. Some people say: "I don't know what persistence! Just hang on!" In fact, it is easy to give up fitness, not necessarily that you do not have perseverance, nor do you have to work hard! It's possible that something is wrong with your fitness process. See if you're in any of these trouble spots


A moment of chicken soup drink too much, the result of training when you will be super excited, mood, or want to immediately build some muscle shape, crazy fitness for a few days! Think more practice is better than less practice? As a result, it may not only be ineffective, but also become a hindrance to your fitness progress. Muscles do not get the rest they deserve, and be careful of the burden on your body. People who exercise for short reasons will be lazy and give up for short reasons. So no matter the mood is good or bad, it is necessary to develop a fixed fitness habit as much as possible!


If you just started working out, someone will tell you to have a plan. Everyone works out to be the image they want to be. Planning can make this image of you clearer. If you don't have a plan, chances are you have no idea what you want to become. Most of these people don't survive!


If you don't keep track of your workouts, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong when you find your fitness is not what you want it to be. Plus stand in front of the mirror to see the body changes, a complete record of your progress!


A lot of healthy foods sound very scientific, there are muscle building, fat loss. Even some people take supplements as holy products, and feel that only eating these supplements is the way to fitness, and it will have an effect! In fact, 99% of these people do not even do a good job of their basic diet! If you want to get fit and get in shape, you must eat a balanced diet and cut out junk food and bad eating habits

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