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Go to the gym and don't know what to do? You can start with these!

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Top squats

         Squats are used for strength and muscle training. You can do it with anything, even your own pride. Squats not only have an obvious effect on building leg muscles, but also core strength. Squats are nuclear bombs, blowing up every cell in your body. (Beginners can use a Smith frame when practicing this move.)

No.2 deadlift‍

Second only to squats as a power move, the hard pull will help you gain tremendous muscle mass and will also give you a wolf-like spirit. Next time you do a hard pull, add one more slide to the bar. But for beginners, practicing this move is easy to arch the back, which must be avoided, so as not to hurt the waist!

No.3 bench press

The bench press is a golden exercise for the upper limbs, especially the chest. It is unmatched by other movements (except push-ups) and is also a prescribed movement in power lifting competitions. There was a survey that said: the most commonly used equipment in the gym is the bench press.

No.4 pull-up

You'll see that bodybuilders with big muscles don't have to do custom pull-ups. Pull-ups have long been used by countless trainers as a better back training exercise.

No.5 Parallel bar arm flexion

Parallel bar arm curls are also known as upper body squats, and they stimulate your pecs, your triceps, your triangles. Helps you get strong upper limbs.

No.6 boating

You can row with an old-school dumbbell, or you can row with a sitting position. Rowing will focus on stimulating your upper limbs and give your back super growth!

No.7 bench press

Take a walk around the gym and you'll learn a million different ways to push. From here we can see the fitness of the hobby for this movement. Whether it's a dumbbell or a barbell, pushing will stimulate your shoulders.

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