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Try interval workouts for more effective fitness

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Interval exercise, as the name suggests, is to continuously change the intensity of exercise during exercise. Do a reasonable rest between repeated exercise, adjust the intensity and speed and other methods, can be regarded as intermittent exercise,because high-intensity exercise will soon make people tired, so high-intensity exercise will be arranged for a rest, that is, intermittent, which is a way to improve the exercise effect.

Interval exercise increases post-workout calorie expenditure There is a saying called "comfortable exercise, no boost." Xu Xiaojie, senior fitness training camp fitness coach, for intermittent exercise, she introduced, "In my mind, I am involved in sports are running and bodybuilding, these two different types of exercise are high-intensity interval training, there is no low-intensity." For example, in functional training, we do 40 seconds of exercise, 20 seconds of rest, or 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest, high-intensity interval training. For example, some long-term aerobic exercise or functional training, body weight training, etc., these training for a long time to maintain the same pattern, the body will produce an adaptation, there will be no improvement. When your performance is not improving, you must change the training mode. This kind of high-intensity interval training is all about reactivating your cells and giving them new stimuli to create new changes."

Also,highintensity interval training has a beneficial effect on our cardiorespiratory functions, such as oxygen uptake and heart rate. Xu Xiaojie added, "Because interval training can increase the calorie consumption after exercise, the so-called afterburn effect is that after exercise, the body will continue to burn energy to repair the body and burn more calories." The higher the intensity of exercise, the more obvious the after-burn effect of exercise, which can make weight loss achieve a faster effect."

Intermittent exercise to increase the fun of sports Gu Xiaole is a post-80 running enthusiasts, weekdays often use vacation time, to participate in some "color run" and "mud run" and other leisure running. Gu Xiaole said, "I think it's hard for me to stick to running for too long, it's a little boring for me, so I usually choose interval training." This interval training run is designed to run happily, also known as stop running, the time and distance of running, and the distance of stopping are also determined by themselves, very free, so this interval run is suitable for all people who love running. However, it should be noted that usually after repeated running and rapid running will begin to pant, this time to intersperse some longer intensity more intermittent exercise, so as to stimulate the heart and lung function is relatively large, is conducive to the improvement of the effect. The intensity of running does not have to be very strong, depending on your physical condition. In addition, high-intensity interval training can reduce the heart rate at rest, which is good for heart health."

Gu Xiaole also introduced, "If it is just a straight line continuous running will be too boring, I generally wear headphones, listen to music, and then change the way of running, such as a long time of constant pace running, first run 50 meters fast and then jog 100 meters, then run 50 meters fast after jogging 100 meters, so after a period of time, may feel boring, then change to run 10 seconds fast," Then jog for 30 seconds, then run fast for 10 seconds, jog for 30 seconds, and you'll find that these high-intensity intervals are much more fun than the boring, single-track running."

Interval workouts save time and increase speed

Jiang Chen has been engaged in the IT industry and now works in Shenzhen. Due to the irregular working hours and often overtime, he does not have much rest time to exercise. After learning about a new shared pod gym in Shenzhen, he spent 3,040 minutes each day at noon or evening doing high-intensity interval workouts. "I am generally high-low intensity alternating intermittent exercise, I think this effect is quite obvious, generally exercise 4-6 minutes first, warm-up." Then there is the high-intensity exercise as fast as possible in one minute, which is about 9 on a scale of 10. This is followed by two minutes of moderate intensity training, which is slightly slower than the high intensity training, and the intensity is about 6 to 7. After a three-minute cycle, the body is relaxed in slow motion for five minutes. Jiang said intervals can save you a lot of time if you are working out to burn calories, and high-intensity intervals allow you to achieve the results in a short amount of time. Because interval exercise also burns calories after exercise, it consumes energy faster than ordinary aerobic exercise. Moreover, through high-intensity intermittent exercise, the exercise intensity will be forced to increase, although the exercise time is short, but the intensity is high, this time will promote the improvement of body function, it is not easy to feel fatigue, so that you can maintain longer at high intensity.

Two high-intensity interval workouts

oneInterval sprints: Simple interval sprints can be done anywhere.

1. In the track, sprint on the straight and walk on the bend.

2. Warm up with moderate to low intensity jogging, lasting about 5 minutes.

3.The sprint section should last 10-20 seconds and the walk section should last 20-2 minutes.

Second, for interval training in the gym, ellipticals are better than treadmills because they are easier to switch speeds.

1. Elliptical select fast start and increase resistance.

2. Do a 30-second sprint and a 30-second "walk."

3. When the "walk" phase is complete, stop and turn around

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