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Red beans mung beans eat non-stop easy weight loss

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

There are many ingredients in life often used, can play a role in easy weight loss, perhaps you know the two kinds of food, if you often eat, we can achieve the purpose of easy weight loss, even can achieve easy weight loss 16 pounds, then how to eat can play a role in easy weight loss? Take a look at some of the ways to lose weight.

Farewell belly - orange peel and red bean paste

Preparation: After red beans are soft, steam them over water, add water and sugar to cook them into bean paste, then strain the bean skin through a fine sieve, add chopped orange peel and cook for more than 10 minutes. The sweet red bean paste is lightly chewed with a slight fragrance of orange peel.

Benefits: Reduce belly fat and help you say goodbye to belly fat. It can pass the small intestine to relieve urine to swelling, in addition, it has the effect of regulating menstruation and milk, and has the exact effect of irregular menstruation and poor milk passage of lactating women. In addition, tangerine peel has the function of reducing phlegm and relieving cough and helping digestion. It has a good therapeutic effect on sleeping food and indigestion.

Bright skin - green bean cool

Make: Peel and chop the horseshoe, add rock sugar, lemon and boil into soup. Mung beans steamed on the cage, add water to boil into mung bean paste, put the mung bean paste into the water can be. The finely broken horseshoe granules add a bit of crunch to the taste, and the taste is sweet but not greasy.

Efficacy: reduce acne, mung bean sweet cool, can clear heat detoxification detoxification detumescence, clear eyes and reduce pressure, benefit pharynx moisturizing skin, remove fat and protect liver. Horseshoe (water chestnut) is rich in food fiber, while the horseshoe in the sugar, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, B2, C, etc., more has the effect of lowering blood pressure and cancer prevention.

Principle: Red beans, mung beans are detoxification holy products, and have the characteristics of high fiber and low fat. Hawthorn invigorates spleen and appetizes, dissipates food and reduces fat. Jujube harmonizes stomach qi tonifying blood moistening dryness. This sharing helps to maximize the efficacy of various single products.

Methods: Red beans, mung beans, hawthorn, jujube, put all the materials in the pot, add 1000 ml cold water, fry until the beans are rotten. Red beans and mung beans are better soaked in cold water for an hour before cooking, which will be easier to boil

How to eat: After doing, divide into two equal portions, when a portion is hot, even soup with beans and hawthorn, jujube eat together. The other portion should be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator. Eat only half of this amount each time, fry it every night, divide it into two portions, eat one at night, and save the other for the next morning! To eat while hot, the effect is better. Just heat up the other one before you eat it.

The above article introduces several easy weight loss methods, in life, we can eat more red beans mung beans made of food, that can satisfy the appetite, can also play a role in easy weight loss. I believe that through the above methods, you have confidence in reducing your belly and elephant legs, and appropriate exercise can also play a healthy weight loss effect.

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