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Drinking water can lose weight, but drink ice water or hot water?

Issuing time:2019-03-25 00:00

Want to lose weight, drink more water, increase metabolism will also increase satiety, during weight loss is to drink hot water is better, or drink cold water is better?

Ice water diet or hot water diet?

Drink hot water to lose weight.

Drinking hot water can help you lose weight, this is important because hot water is warm, after entering the human body can promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate the blood flow of the stomach, accelerate the digestion of food, metabolism will be accelerated, promote perspiration, detoxification, so drinking hot water can help you lose weight.

Why can't you lose weight by drinking ice water

Drinking ice water can not lose weight, because if the ice water stimulates the human stomach for a long time, it will lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, which will disrupt the entire metabolic level of the human body, the stomach is damaged, the distribution of energy will also appear unbalanced, the body's metabolism is slow, and then lead to body obesity.

How to drink hot water to lose weight

before the meal

Drinking water before meals can suppress your appetite, many people will bulge after eating, no matter how much they eat, it is better to drink water before meals, not only can help you shrink the stomach can also speed up your metabolism, replenish the body needs water.


Drinking water in the afternoon can reduce the fat you sit out for a long time, don't look for snacks everywhere because you are hungry during the afternoon tea, it is better to drink water, you can dispel the idea of wanting to eat, if you don't like white water, you can make a cup of scented tea to reduce your appetite.

Drinking too much water is also harmful to the body, according to the disposable water cup to calculate, drink 12 cups is good, if it is hot weather can be appropriate to drink a little more, if you drink more water, it will edema, the body will appear inconvenient.

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